First Flieger - First Flyer, an 800-meter zip-line in Switzerland

Location: Grindelwald, Switzerland
Date: August 2011
Distance: 800 meters
Transportation: Zip-line
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ZipRider in the Swiss Alps above Grindelwald in the Jungfrau region. An 800 meter-long zip-line steel cable, up to 50 meters above the ground at speeds of up to 84 km/hour. A cool thrill ride to get a nice adrenalin kick. The price for one ride is 25CHF.
It is currently the only zip line in Europe.

Since then, I've discovered that there were other zip lines throughout the world, the largest one being in Icy Strait Point, Alaska. That one is 1675 meters long and costs around $90.

The website ZipRider is a good source of information for all zip lines around the world.

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